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Rise To Lead as a collated multidimensional diaspora for business transitions.


Our mission is to maintain customer satisfaction, security, integrity, confidentiality, discipline in the businesses we perform by displaying our ethics and higher standards in our intellectual approach.


Ethics | Integrity | Excellence | Customer Delight | Positivism


We serve as a platform, for an integrated, seamless solution to be provided to our clients to meet their requirements and to instil confidence in them to have made the right choice in terms of technology, expertise through our spirit of empowering their businesses.

Advantage Intellect Private Limited has a team of business professionals who have a deep understanding of its clients. It has multiple years of cumulative experience of expertise in its panel, although it was incorporated in the year 2019 at Mumbai under the Companies Act 1956.


We publish AdvantageHRM (Empowering Intellectuals) digital/print HR Magazine. Our endeavor to publish this magazine is to have the change enablers of the industries share their thoughts and to be instrumental in the success of their organizations. Leaders provide insights and opinions which help shape the younger generations and first time entrepreneurs, with their shared insights and challenges they face in bringing about the changes and thereby leaving an impact. This has a panel of intellectual writers who have an expertise in their subject line or beats, thereby expressing their views on trending topics encompassing HR issues.

SurveySpeaks --

We introduce SurveySpeaks which conducts surveys which play a very important role for any work or project to take big decisions. They describe the expectations and inclinations of a large population. SurveySpeaks provides a very broad capability which draws a conclusion of a targeted audience, which majorly helps us to take a big leap. We conduct surveys for the Government Bodies, Private Organizations, Political Parties, Community Centers, and etcetera at local or PAN India level.


We present a Job Portal named EMPLOYAM for premium jobs, which caters mainly to the senior strategic positions. Employam bridges the gap between employers and job seekers. Through Employam job portal we have created a platform which strategically brings together employers and job seekers for senior level positions with the help of amicably planed and incorporated database.


We bring forth a Hindu Matrimony site Janam Janam Ka Sath, which plays a very vital role in Hindu Marriage and helps unite individuals / families from all the corners of the country and bring about the joy of togetherness. This site is a creation of extensively researched and conclusively created database which simplifies the process of bringing together marriage seekers.